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I'm Rebekah.

I am defined by two things: creativity and curiosity. As a native Texan from the hill country, I spent my childhood outside catching frogs and drawing interesting bugs and plants I found so that I could go home and try to identify them. Researching everything I could about them I filled sketchbook after sketchbook.

That same drive to learn and investigate is what I bring to my work. I want to know about you and  your design needs so that we can build something together. Whether it's graphic or instructional design or user experiences, I'm here to create whatever you might need.

polaroid photograph of a woman looking left in a striped shirt on a dark background


Traditional & Digital Media, Curriculum Development, Instruction, Web Design, Wireframing, Branding, Illustration, Graphic Design


Drawing Media


Adobe Creative Suite

G Suite

Microsoft Office

Articulate 360


Painting Media

Ceramics & 3D

Graphic Design




Motion Graphics


Traditional Artist

20 Years

Classically trained with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of North Texas


15 Years

K - adult focusing on student-centered, project-based learning as an art and technology subject matter expert

Curriculum Writing

20 Years

Designing both classroom, campus, and district level art curriculum at all levels K - adult

Presentation and Instructional Design

15 Years

Using PowerPoint, Articulate 360, and other applications have designed presentations and instructional materials for use at the classroom, district, state, and national levels

Graphic Designer

20 Years

Websites, Posters, Visual Teaching Aids, T-shirts, Flyers, Social Media, Logos

Marketing &

Social Media

10 Years

Creating social media content, branding, and graphics focusing on organic growth and authentic engagement

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