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UX Designs

A selection of case study slide decks from my UX certification course.

3D bakery app.png

La Casita Bakeshop Ordering App

An ordering app designed for my favorite local bakery, La Casita Bakeshop. The focus was on keeping consistent branding and allowing on-the-go ordering.

Sowing Seeds of Change Redesign

A redesign of the Sowing Seeds of Change website to be easier to navigate, more inviting, and more informative. It also includes responsive design to be easier to view on a variety of screen sizes. 

Mac Studio (1).png

NiMBY Conservation Tool

NiMBY is an app and responsive website designed to help educate people on small, impactful changes they can make around their home to live a more sustainable life. The focus is on educating people about their local ecosystem so that all suggestions are tailored to be mindful of their native plants and wildlife. 

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